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12 Benefits of Infrared Saunas: Stress Reduction

Day 10 of our 12 benefits of Infrared Sauna Series!

Alexis walks us through stress reduction and how Infrared Saunas can aid in that.

Stress is such a huge part of our lives. Our body responds to anything needing attention with stress. There are so many stressors in ur day to day lives especially during the holidays.

What has you stressed?

  • new job or your job in general

  • growing family

  • holidays

  • your life changing direction

No matter what the stressor is infrared saunas can help you reduce it so you can go throughout your day having a better mood!

Infrared saunas will first give your body a stress release because the heat warms and relaxes your muscles. that feeling alone can be so helpful especially since you are able to pay whatever music you want while in the sauna! On top of that it balances the levels of cortisol (stress Hormone) in your body.

We have discussed cortisol before so check out day 8 - boosted immune system for more information on cortisol!

Relax and Recharge with us at HeatShock!!

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