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Elevate Your Home Workouts


Studio - FitBomb

Dimensions: 7' W x 9' D x 78.5″ H Weight: 1875 Pounds Capacity: 3 (or more) Users can perform group workout routines. Foldout Seating: 3 foldout benches. Adjustable Temperature: Up to – 140°F Timer Setting: 0 to 6 Hours Wood Material: 100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Hemlock construction – toxin emission of less than .0005%. Zero irritants – Recommended and safe for people with asthma, allergies. Non Toxic Water Based Glues. Construction Patented : Reinforced Walls provide up to 250 pounds per “D” ring tensile strength. FitBomb saunas are custom made with precision craftsmanship and strenuous attention to detail! Heaters: 24 heaters: 12 Ceramic, 12 Carbon which emit 98% at the optimum 9.4 in the far infrared range on the micron scale. (Dual-Force) Heaters – the most powerful and effective combination – installed strategically for optimal heat where you need it – the FitBomb ceramic heaters are superior for human benefits – see proof: Contrary to erroneous internet claims; ceramic is slightly more effective at producing beneficial heat in the far infrared category. Glass Door: 36" wide Sliding Tempered Thermal Smoked Glass Doors - ADA Compliant Power Usage / AMPS220V / Dedicated Single Phase (requires electrician - direct connect)

Internal Lighting: 24 red (Red Light Therapy). lights +14 white lights Infrared Wave Lengths: 7 – 14 microns (um) 95 - 98% at 9.4 32” TV and Speakers: Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen TV. Interior Features: Stretch Bar(s), Exhaust fans, “D” rings, (3) speed bags

(HeatShock Fitness will include 5 workout videos with your purchase)

Call the gym to talk to a member of our team about any questions you have!

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