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Event Showcase - Wellness Weekend (July 20th)

Our wellness weekend is open to members and future members! This weekend is a great way to try out everything Heatshock offers! For $150, you can try out the saunas, use the cold plunge, and get a 30-minute stretching or massage session! This is a great way to try out the gym, meet current members, and meet the owners! We also have a special guest speaker, Dr. Alex, joining us. For only an additional $25, you can hear Dr. Alex discuss functional medicine, hormones, autoimmune diseases, and much more!



30-minute massage or strech 

During the event, you will receive either a massage or a stretch. To help aid in recovery, you pick what you need! Our certified stretcher and masseuse will walk you through a relaxing session to help with your needs.


Cold Plunge

Here, a certified trainer will walk you through breathing techniques to help you get the most endorphins from your cold plunge experience. The cold plunge is known to aid in recovery by reducing inflammation, increasing cell turnover, and relieving soreness. 



Sauna Session

You will also get a workout or a recovery session in the sauna. You can choose what you do in the sauna based on your needs! The sauna also helps aid inflammation, soreness, joint pain, and cell turnover. The red light therapy in the sauna also helps release endorphins and aid in vitamin D absorption. 


Outdoor Group Workout

Our current members who always have access to the saunas can choose to supplement their sauna session with an outdoor group workout! This is a great alternative since we use group comradery to help push you to get the best workout possible! 

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