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12 Benefits of Infrared Saunas: Muscle Recovery & Reduced Inflammation

Day 4 of our 12 benefits of Infrared Sauna Series!

Gerad talks us through muscle recovery and reduced inflammation with his foam roller!

We have all had those workouts where the next day your whole body hurts. That feeling makes it harder for us to get into the gym and keep our promise of living a healthier lifestyle. The boosted recovery time is just one of the many reasons infrared saunas should be a part of your fitness routine.

Infrared light increases the blood flow to all of your muscles. Increased blood flow rids our muscles of lactic acid allowing the recovery process to happen faster.

Lactic Acid- a colorless syrupy organic acid formed in sour milk and produced in the muscle tissues during strenuous exercise.

Lactic acid is what causes the soreness in our muscles after a workout so sitting in one of our saunas kickstarts the process of removing that lactic acid which keeps you on your workout program.

  • we suggest rolling out, stretching, or just relaxing in the sauna after your workout

Foam rolling:

The infrared heatwaves heats our muscles not only our skin so using a foam roller in the sauna is way more productive than using it outside a sauna.

(we offer many different foam rollers and recovery products for sale at the front desk)

More Resources:

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