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Setting Goals for Yourself

"the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way"


Scroll down to hear Gerad's take on goals and consistency!

The New Year starts with everyone making resolutions to change something about their life. Typically people stick to their goal for a month and find themselves a year later wondering what happened and making the same resolution for the following year.

A big part of being consistent to achieve your fitness related goals is not acting strictly based on emotion. When you first make a goal you are pumped up about it and that excitement gets you to the gym. A few weeks later when the excitement has worn off and you aren't seeing fast results you start to question if what you are doing is really worth it. That can lead to you skipping workouts and moving farther from your goal.

Tips that help you stay Consistent:

Be realistic:

The best thing you can do for yourself when setting goals is being realistic. If you have never run before saying you want to run a marathon in a month isn't realistic. Assess your life and where you are at currently. Ask yourself: Can I fit this into my schedule? What changes need to be made for me to reach this goal- Can I make those changes? Do I have the resources to meet this goal- if not, what do I need?

Figure out the motive for your goal:

Make smaller milestones within your goal

Find a workout buddy

Don't give up if you make a mistake


One of the reasons we believe so firmly in infrared sauna workouts is because you can get the equivalent of an hour workout in a typical gym in 15-20 minutes here. When it comes to our busy lives, fitting in an hour to and hour and a half a couple times a week can be really hard and almost seem impossible.

Our Infrared sauna workouts give so many different health benefits all at once so you get the most out of your workout and time. Below are some of the benefits infrared saunas have to offer!

Improved Sleep

Skin, Hair, & Nail Health

Added Red Light Therapy

Brain Health

Stress Reduction

Inflammation and Muscles Recovery


Cardiovascular Health

Boosted Immune System

Weight Loss

Pain Relief

Vitamin D

Have some resolutions of goals you want to achieve in 2023 use this PDF to dive deeper into the goal and how to achieve it!

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