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HeatShock's Gym Tips

The HeatShock Crew wants to share our gym tips! We have so much collective time spent playing sports or in the fitness industry that it would be a crime not to tell you the tips that have helped us!

In no specific order here are our tips!

  1. Get your workout done first thing, the hardest part is showing up

  2. Fitness takes time and patiences - It is like building a wall one brick at a time

  3. Quality of water matters

  4. Salt in your water is the best way to hydrate after workouts or first thing when you wake up

  5. There is a difference between tension and pain - Push through tension and stop for pain

  6. Pick a workout routine you like, it will last longer

  7. Always stay a beginner, you learn more that way

  8. Some workout is better than no workout

  9. There is a reason's called warming up - it is a gradual process

  10. Doing something more each workout ensures you are getting better

  11. Food is fuel, just like in a car - Poor fuel quality affects performance

We hope you find a couple of these tips help you in your own fitness journey! As always if you have any questions about anything fitness related don't be afraid to ask us in person, dm us, or comment your questions down below!

HeatShock is here for you to help you achieve your goals

Comment tips that you have learned or found helpful throughout your fitness journey!

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