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Self Love is the Best Love - Gym Edition

As we enter the month of love we want to remind you to love yourself! Showing love to yourself can look many different ways.

Here are some ways you can show self love in a gym setting:

  • Positive Talk

When working out it can be easy to think "that weight is too heavy", "I can't lose this weight", "I don't look good", and "I can't do that". Those negative things you are repeatedly saying in your head can have an effect on how you perform and your results. Positive talk also encompasses compassion. Someone once said to me that I need to show the compassion I have for others to myself. We are our own worst critic but we don't need to be!

Here are a few examples of positive self talk:

- "I am proud of myself for coming to the gym"

- "This is a journey and the results will come"

- "I am strong and powerful"

- "I am beautiful- the way I move is beautiful"

- "I love my body and all the amazing things it does for me"

- "I've got this"

  • Carving Time for Yourself/ Finding a Purpose

Finding a schedule to workout is important. Carving time out for yourself can look like finding a consistent gym routine and schedule, spending time reading a book, going through your skin care routine, or taking the time to cook a nutritious meal. Find what brings joy and happiness to yourself and make the time for it.

At Heatshock you can fit you time into your schedule much easier because of the enhanced results you see form infrared saunas. We have the option to do a workout or just relax in the sauna so however you feel that day we got you covered.

Everything is Better in a Sauna

You want to feel the purpose behind what you are doing so when you go into your workout, you know what you are doing it for. The purpose can be to be healthy, to lose weight, to get stronger, to gain better mobility, etc. Whatever it is let that resinate with you as your workout!

At the beginning of the week schedule your workouts so you are locked in and so you know that you have time for yourself already planned into your schedule.

  • Reflecting

Reflect on your whats happening in your life. If a mistake happens or something that wasn't planned happens don't immediately blame yourself but instead reflect on it and see what you can learn. When you are reflecting you need to ask yourself the hard questions that make you uncomfortable to really move forward and grow.

Mistakes are an Opportunity to Learn

When you are relaxing in a sauna you can do this in your head or even bring in a journal. Our relax sauna can fit 3 people so you could even invite friends or family to join you and have social time talking with them!

  • Treating Yourself

It is never bad to treat yourself! When you reach a fitness related goal you set treat yourself by getting new workout clothes, something you have had your eye on, or on something that makes you fell great.

Your Accomplishments Deserve to be Recognized No Matter How Big or Small


We also want you to know that Heatshock loves all of you! We created this gym so you could all reap the benefits of infrared saunas and live a healthier happier life! We do everything we do for our members and we appreciate you all!

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