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Mat Talk: The Meaning Behind the Name

Ever wonder why the gym was named HeatShock?

Gerad is back on the mat to share the meaning behind the name of the gym!

Heatshock is named after the heat shock proteins.

Heat shock proteins helps at the mitochondrial level:

  • Protein Synthesis

  • Cellular Healing

The heat shock proteins can be seen as kind of like a cheat code for exercise. We as a gym want to help you feel the best and live a healthier lifestyle as quick as you can and the infrared sauna workouts that we offer when done consistently can do that. Our gym doesn’t just offer infrared sauna workouts, we have top-notch equipment for lifting, cardio, boxing, etc.

Infrared saunas and heat shock proteins go hand in hand so that was why we chose to name the gym Heatshock Fitness.

More Resources on Heat Shock Proteins

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