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Mat Talk: Heatshock's Start

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Join Co-Owner Gerad Cassello on the mat for our very first mat talk! In this video Gerad talks about how the idea of Heatshock was born and why he believes in the mission.

Cork HeatShock Yoga Mat:

We chose to go the cork yoga mat route because of the advantages it has over a typical yoga mat.

  • There are no toxins or harsh chemicals because cork is a natural product.

  • Cork is anti-fungal and anti-microbial which is great for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

  • We all know how sweaty it gets in our saunas so we wanted a mat that would prevent you from slipping and sliding during your workout. The cork absorbs just enough moisture to create a great grip between your hands/feet and the mat.

Cleaning & Care:

This mat can be cleaned with just a little bit of water. We recommend wiping it down every couple uses and laying it flat somewhere to dry.

The yoga mat is for sale at the front desk! $89.99

Yoga Mat Towel

We also have a yoga mat towel for sale at the gym.

It comes in 2 colors

  • black

  • pink

The mat has grips on one side to keep it secure on the mat. That way when you workout the towel won't be moving around. The towel is great as a sweat absorber between you and your yoga mat. It can also be used as a large towel in your workouts or by itself in the sauna.


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Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart
15 nov. 2022


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