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Mat Talk: Gym workout vs. Sauna Workout

Why is Heatshock different than any other gym in the are?

Co-Owner Gerad Cassello talks about the differences between a normal gym workout and a sauna workout.

"Heat is better than no heat" -Gerad Cassello


Gerad touches on the differences between a normal gym workout, a sauna workout, and an infrared sauna workout. At Heatshock we have 8 infrared saunas to choose from with cardio, yoga, and resistance.

Infrared Sauna workout (20mins)= Normal workout (I hour)

In any sauna workout your are increasing your tempurature, burning more calories, and boosting your metabolism. A down side is the air can feel hard to breath. Both infared saunas and traditional saunas get to the same tempurature but the infrared light heating doesn't change your ability to breath in the space.

The infrared saunas heat you 4 inches in from every direction which not only warms you up faster but it warms the core of your body. Heating to the core helps detox your organs. By warming up your muscles is lessens the chances of injury throughout a workout.

We all know life gets busy and fitting in a hour to a hour and a half in at least 3 times a week to stay healthy is hard. With Heatshock you only have to find 20 mins during your day to stop by and workout - it really can't get much easier than that!

(yoga mat and yoga mat towel for sale at the front desk of the gym)

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